ComputerGeekz steps to successful SEO:

We will take the following steps in order to provide you with the most effective marking campaign possible. This overview will be the exact ways that will provide your website excellent SEO services. This plan was created over 10 years of experience in all things internet.

  1. tampa-seo-serviceWebsite breakdown
  2. Competitive investigation
  3. Keyword research and recommendations
  4. Onsite execution
  5. Offsite implementation
  6. Integrating Google accounts such as Google analytics and Google webmasters
  7. Start Up Keyword ranking report
  8. Monthly keyword ranking report
  9. Monthly analysis of results

Website SEO To Do List:

We will execute the following blueprint for your website from beginning to end. Please, graciously review our Onsite and Offsite search engine optimization outline that every web company receives when being optimized by ComputerGeekz SEO Team.

  • On Site / On Page Optimization Check List:
  • Site map Creation – Make sure the search engines know what pages you want crawled.
  • Code Validation – The site should be checked for errors. HTML Errors will slow down the search engine bot and can cause penalties with pages.
  • H Tags – Heading tags are very important for getting your point across about what a page within your site is about
  • Meta Tags – Making sure you have all the proper meta tags will further help Google, Bing, and Yahoo know what you are all about.
  • Keyword density check – Keyword density is extremely important. “Keyword Stuffing” is heavily frowned upon by search engines and a check to be sure this is not happening is important. At the same time we will check to be sure the page has the right percentage.
  • Internal Linking – Pages with in your site should logically link to one another
  • Broken Link correction – This feeds back to errors, broken links even ones to outside sites are not good and will be corrected.
  • URL Rewrites – URLs should contain the keywords you are trying to hit. If this is not the case it can be fixed and the traffic redirected.
  • WWW Redirects
  • Blog Integration – a blog is the perfect way to get the word out about your business quickly.
  • Load time check – Slow loading can cause the bot to leave your site.
  • Robots File Creation – this file is helpful to the search engines when configured properly.
  • RSS Feed Integration – This will help your site be subscribed to as well as allow faster integration in to the SERP’s
  • Outbound Link Analysis – Outbound links are important but too much or too little of anything is a bad thing.
  • Existing Traffic Overview
  • Duplicate Content Report
  • Google Penalty Check
  • Google Webmaster Error Overview

Off Site SEO To Do List:

The entire list off site items are to further the buzz about your company.

They should help generate both relevant traffic as well create in bound links.

Natural and true in bound links are the best way to further yourself in the search engines. A solid link campaign can never be discounted, but it should be done the right way. Bought links are a very bad idea and will eventually cause large penalties with Google.

  • Article Submissions
  • Press Release Submissions
  • RSS Submissions
  • Blog Directory Submissions
  • Social Media / Marketing Profile Creation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submissions
  • Link Marketing
  • Forum Posting