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We Are Here To Serve You

Designing a website for your brand or business is certainly a difficult task. At the same time, if you’ve got the need to have an online presence, you need to have some sort of design plan in place to make sure that you stick out above the rest. You could go overseas for cheap designs, but you’ll end up paying for it in the long run. If you’re in the Jackson Metro area and your considering designing or re-designing your website, then ComputerGeekz, a Jackson web design company would obviously be the good move for you. So what does getting the job done locally do for you?

Why Are We The Best?

To Provide quality web services throughout the Jackson Metro Area
A staff of technicians, web designers, programmers, graphic designers and partners to help any technical problems or questions you may have.
We don’t stop the work until the work is done.

Constant Communication

When you sign up for ComputerGeekz, a Jackson web design company, you get a local person that’s willing to help you and design a site that caters to your needs. What this means is that you can always have someone to talk to should things need adjusting. Additionally, you’ll be in the same time zone, which is much less than we can say for outsourced work. Being able to communicate with your designer on your hours should always come first.

An Understanding of People

When you outsource your web site design, you usually get a design that’s fit for people that live nowhere near you, and in most cases, not even in the same country. When you stay local with a Jackson, MS web design company, you get someone who knows how people like you think. You’re in a business because you know that industry, and you want someone who’s going to help you communicate your knowledge properly.

Change When You Need It

Signing up for sites that are designed cheap gets you in a lot of trouble. When there are issues with your design, you’re usually either stuck with them, or you have to pay astronomical fees to get your site adjusted to the right fit. ComputerGeekz, a Jackson Mississippi web design company, and those who specialize in it are going to make sure that your site is done right the first time, without charging you extremely high rates for making small adjustments. This factor alone can often save you hundreds of dollars and hours of work.

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