google-plus-localHow to Use Google+ Local to Get Revenue

Local search is something that far too many webmasters and internet marketers seem to pass up. While your own website is important, it’s also important to remember that your local listing is predominantly displayed whenever someone is searching for your business and they are nearby a brick and mortar location you may have. While several things that determine how you show up in Google+ Local results, including your proximity from the user, the number of other stores in the area, and even the size of your store in several cases, there are lots of things you can do to make sure your Google+ Local listing drives revenue to your business.

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

Web users love images, and so does Google. Including images of your storefront, your showroom, and even your warehouse can enhance your listing and drive potential customers to come check out your local store. While Google+ will only display so many photos, you want to shoot for a minimum of 5 good photos to upload.

Include Your Hours

People don’t want to be bothered with calling a business if they’re looking for when you’re open, especially if they’re just browsing listings on their phone. Make sure to include your hours in your local listing so potential customers know exactly when you’re open.

Don’t Forget the Categories

While Google is generally a smart search engine and can properly categorize your business, it’s not uncommon for there to be a mistake. You can both add and remove categories that your local business fits into, which allows Google+ to properly index your listing, increasing your visibility to relevant consumers that are interested in your product. Remember, the more categories you’re listed under, the more your listing will show up.

In order to make any of these changes, you’ll need to claim your local listing on Google+, which is quite the secure process. There are options for Google to either call your business to verify your listing ownership, or they can mail you a postcard with a PIN. Either way, the listing is yours to claim if you own the business, and should be done so promptly.